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                    BEAUTY STORY OF K.BROTHERS

     “K.Brothers”  was established together with its company J&K Internatural.Co.,Ltd  in 1998. We manufactured and distributed our unique Thai natural herbal beauty skincare products throughout country and globally. 
     “K.Brothers” is a range of Thai natural skin care products formulated with the exotic and botanical plants by the mixture of our caring, beauty home spa therapy recipe concept through our research and development team to bring the utmost benefits from nature to our skin. Our products has been created with the variety of herbs and plants such as Rice Fruits and with the mixture of Vitamins and some others to bring the most benefits from nature. Also, we provides the simply convenience of natural ingredients usage and the legendary Thai traditional beauty recipe in our products with quality and effectiveness. 
     “K.Brothers” as a manufacture itself we control & execute our policy to support human rights , non-animal testing . We also create environmental friendly manufacture processing, local community sustainable growth with various activities in relating to better quality of life and young learners education.


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